Married for 72 years, the devoted Huddersfield couple who died together

A devoted couple who met on the day war broke out in 1939 will be cremated together after dying within 12 days of each other.

Aquilla and Catherine Brant, aged 100 and 96, who died within 12 days of each other. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Aquilla and Catherine Brant - aged 100 and 96 - who celebrated their 72nd anniversary in April, died either side of Christmas after suffering from pneumonia.

Daughter, Sue Brant, 68, said they had a pact not to be separated.

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“Dad used to say ‘when mum goes I’ll go a fortnight later’ and he died 12 days after her.

“Mum died first and it was very sudden. They were both frail but were very lucid until the end. It’s a nice end that they have gone together.”

They wed in 1942 after meeting at a hospital in Huddersfield.

Speaking on their wedding anniversary this year, Mr Brant said: “Yes, it was love at first sight.

“We just love each other. Of course we’ve had our ups and downs like everybody else and someone once asked me how we’d stayed together so long. I told them it was two little words. Yes, dear.”

The couple shared a room at Pilling House residential home in Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield. Mrs Brant died on December 17 and Mr Brant was admitted to hospital a day later. He died on December 29.

“Dad was devastated when Mum died and he took it really hard,” said daughter Sue.

“He knew he didn’t want to continue without her. It has been quite a difficult time but we know it was what they wanted. It’s nice they can now have their funeral together.”.

The couple had three children, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The funeral is at St John’s Church, Lepton, Huddersfield on January 8.