'Mayhem' as Build A Bear sale creates 'crazy four hour queues' at Doncaster's Frenchgate Centre

Shoppers at a Doncaster store have spoken of 'mayhem' and 'crazy' four-hour queues after a children's toy shop sparked chaos with a cut-price sale.

There have been huge queues at Build a Bear Workshops all over the country.

The Build A Bear Workshop has launched its first 'Pay Your Age Day' in stores across the UK today where shoppers can choose any soft toy and pay the same amount as the age of the child they are buying for.

But the sales move has sparked chaos at stores all over the country with huge queues and angry scenes as hundreds of shoppers bid to get their hands on a soft toy.

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Writing on Facebook one customer, Stacey Louise wrote: "We went and refused to queue it was ridiculous - went all the way to customer service and toilets. Said four and half hour wait so we just came away with a money off voucher - there was no way I was waiting in that queue."

Ann Chapman wrote: "Just back from town - they're queuing past Wilkinson and back to escalator ...mayhem," while Katie Hamblin added: "It’s absolutely crazy."

Dawn Glover posted: "Absolutely ridiculous and Build A Bear obviously knew what was going to happen.

"As a company aimed at children they should be ashamed of themselves - as for the parents making their kids stand in a queue for hours they should also be ashamed, who would make their kids stand in a queue for hours to save maybe £10?"

Others said the queue had been closed off with some also complaining about facilities for children and parents waiting in the queue.

Hayley Jane Leach said: "They stopped letting people queue after 10am. I got there and had to queue for a £12 voucher."

Cheryl Simpkin added: "Dont go! I queued for half hour and the security guy cut me off and everyone behind me as they had approx 1,800 people before us and they didn't have enough stock so we got sent to the rejects queue an given a £12 voucher."

Rebecca Skill posted: "My question is what are parents doing letting their children queue for 3 hours in a hot, stuffy shopping centre with no entertainment? Oh, they are saving £20 on a bear? That’s alright then. It’s cruel in this weather, absolute madness."

Sandy Irwin wrote: "What do people expect? A sale like that is obviously going to generate massive queues."

And Mick McNicholas said: "If you are daft enough to queue for all that time to save a tenner on a teddy bear you have no right to complain."

Meanwhile, there have been reports of nine hour queues at the Meadowhall branch.