Metal bar fall leaves boy with hole in head

A six-year-old boy was left with a hole in his head after a six feet long metal bar collapsed on him at a bus stop.

The heavy pole crashed into Nathan Fowler’s skull as he waited for a bus with his family at the Paragon Interchange in Hull – narrowly missing his newborn baby sister.

Nathan was taken to hospital where he was treated for head injuries and prolonged concussion.

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Mother Rebecca Smith, 24, said: “It’s disgusting that this has been allowed to happen. You don’t expect your child’s life to be endangered while they’re standing at the bus stop.

“The poor boy was in shock. It hit him out of nowhere and he was just shaking and screaming in terror.”

Nathan was standing beneath the sliding glass doors at the bus station, ready to board a bus to the Hedon area of Hull, when the accident happened.

He later had to have his head medically glued at Hull Royal Infirmary.

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Nathan said: “It was scary. It was the worst pain that I have ever felt.

“I remember there being lots of blood everywhere. I was confused and frightened. Then I was taken to hospital and I felt dizzy. There were lots of people there.

“I had only been standing by the sliding doors waiting for the bus. There were lots of people there.”

Andy Burton, city street scene manager at Hull City Council, said: “The door concerned is within the main concourse and therefore accessible by the public.

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“We understand the door had been unlocked from its frame, which resulted in this incident.

“We would like to express our sympathy to the child and family involved in this and would also remind users of the interchange of the need to supervise children at all times.”

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