Miliband hails ‘care for common good of all’ in 60-year reign

Everyone in the UK should aspire to emulate the Queen’s “care for the common good of all”, Ed Miliband said in a Diamond Jubilee message from the Labour Party.

Joining in a chorus of tributes to the monarch’s 60-year reign, the Opposition leader said the weekend’s festivities would also celebrate “everything that is best about our country”.

The nation would be “showing solidarity and community in street parties and concerts all across this country”, he said as he prepared to attend some of the highest-profile official events.

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“On behalf of the Labour Party, I want to pay tribute to Her Majesty on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee,” he said in a statement.

“She has served this country and the whole of the Commonwealth for the last 60 years with unstinting energy, loyalty, and dedication.

“Hers has been a life of extraordinary public service. She exemplifies a care for the common good of all to which we can all aspire.”

Throughout her reign, he said, the Queen had been “tireless, unflinching and unerring in her commitment to the people of Britain, and stoical in the face of personal loss.

“With Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at her side, she has serenely witnessed to three generations a selfless dedication to duty.”

Mr Miliband said the coronation itself – with residents of whole streets gathered round a single television set – and the silver and golden jubilees had all brought the country together.

“We celebrate not just the Queen’s reign, but everything that is best about our country and the values we share. The things of which we are rightly proud.

“We are a pragmatic nation, passionate about our traditions. We are proud of our home but open to the world. We are patriotic but generous of spirit. Positive and optimistic.

“Days like the Diamond Jubilee turn neighbours into communities where the young and the old come together in celebration.

“Showing solidarity and community in street parties and concerts all across this country.”

He concluded: “The Queen’s reign is a golden thread that links people across the country and across the generations.”