Miliband’s ‘new bargain for Britain’

THOUSANDS of bright children are being failed by schools which lack ambition and aspiration, Labour leader Ed Miliband will claim today as he seeks to explain his vision for Britain.

Mr Miliband will use his conference speech to call for a “new bargain” for Britain based on a different set of values and will call for radical changes in the way businesses are rewarded, pitching companies which look after staff and invest in the future against “asset strippers” who add little value.

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He will also promise a “something for something” deal for people on benefits, with councils ordered to prioritise people who are working and good neighbours when allocating homes.

An opinion poll by ComRes for The Independent shows the Conservatives ahead of Labour for the first time since last October. Only one in four voters questioned saw Mr Miliband as a credible Prime Minister in waiting.