More rain predicted for Leeds as temperatures look set to plummet

More rain is on the way for Leeds today residents as temperatures look set to dip over the coming week.

More rain is expected to fall in Leeds
More rain is expected to fall in Leeds

Experts at the Met Office are predicting that the city will be hit by another bout of rain on Monday evening, with downpours forecast throughout the week.

And if that wasn't bad enough, temperatures are also set to drop as the week progresses.

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Here's your forecast for the week ahead:

More rain is expected to fall in Leeds


Monday is set to be cloudy for the majority of the day with respectable highs of 21C forecast.

However, rain is expected to fall at around 6pm and continue for most of the evening. The rain fall isn't expected to be too heavy put persistent across the region.


Another cloudy day in forecast, but it looks as though the rain will hold off.

The highest temperature of the week is expected to be recorded with experts suggesting that 23C will be reached in the area.


The temperature starts to fall from Wednesday with highs of 21C expected, and more rain is predicted to fall.

The afternoon looks set to be the wettest part of the day with rain falling for most of the latter part of the day.


A fairly dramatic drop in temperature sees highs of just 17C on the cards for Thursday, with cloud set to be the main feature of the day.


The temperature will drop again on Friday with 16C expected to be as warm as it gets. There will however be some sunny spells as cloud clears and it should remain dry.


Rain is forecast to fall on both Saturday and Sunday, but not in a large quantity and there should be some sunny spells, particularly on Saturday, to break up the cloud covering.