Most Haunted stars hunt ghosts at Leeds museum

The stars of TV ghost hunting show Most Haunted will visit three Yorkshire buildings for the new series.

The fifth season of the UKTV Really paranormal show will see presenter Yvette Fielding and her investigation team head to Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall in Friday's opening episode.

Yvette will be accompanied by her laid-back bulldog Watson as they attempt to track down a poltergeist at the historic Leeds attraction, which was once the gatehouse of Kirkstall Abbey.

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The group witnessed spooky incidents including knocking and a piano exhibit being played by itself.

The producers decided to visit the Victorian-themed museum after restoration workers reported being pulled off ladders, seeing objects moving on their own and hearing loud banging.

During filming, crews claimed a tankard flew across the room, narrowly missing a person.

The second episode will see the team visit the stable block at Wentworth Woodhouse, a stately home near Rotherham. They are the first paranormal investigators to have been allowed into the site, which was recently sold after being in private ownership.

While the series finale is set in Todmorden Church in Calderdale, where Fielding will explore the graveyard and cellars.

Each episode is shown at 10pm on Friday.