Multi-marathon charity man aims to inspire his children

By the end of yesterday runner Paddy Dearlove had run 12 marathons on the trot, an incredible feat in anyone’s book.

But he still has another 32 to face as part of his mammoth effort to raise £100,000 for charity.

On a short stop near Malton, the father of three, who is originally from Bilton and attended schools in Hull, said it was all about inspiring his three boys, Isaac, six, Jared, four, and one-year old Luca.

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He said: “I separated from my wife in 2010 and only see the boys two and a half days a week. The whole thing is about passing on important life messages – about aiming high and dreaming big.”

The gruelling 1,153 mile challenge, which began on May 1, involves Paddy running 44 marathons in 51 days, and is raising money for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, the charity which supports the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh and Comic Relief. He mainly follows B roads and minor roads and is currently drawing inspiration from the lyrics in If I Can Dream, a song made famous by Elvis Presley.

The 36-year-old set off from the Edinburgh hospital which treated Isaac after he became seriously ill as a baby. He returns to Hull this weekend and hopes to gain some hometown support at a fundraiser at the Royal Charter pub on Saltshouse Road on Saturday.

The challenge was inspired by comedian Eddie Izzard who ran 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief in 2009, and Paddy aims to go one better.

Rachel McKenzie, Community Fundraising Manager at the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, said: “This is an amazing challenge and Paddy is a brave man to take it on.”