Mum is brutally attacked for refusing to hand money to Leeds beggar

A WOMAN has appealed for the public’s help to catch the thugs who brutally attacked her when she refused to give money to a beggar.

Lyndsay Gudger
Lyndsay Gudger

Lyndsay Gudger, 30, was heading to get a taxi after a night out in Leeds city centre when the pair started abusing her for walking past a man asking for change.

They then set upon her, knocking her conconscious and causing a bleed on her brain.

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The mother-of-two says her life has been ruined, as she has suffered seizures, a blood clot and has been in and out of hospital for the past two weeks.

Nail technician Miss Gudger, who does not yet know the impact on her long-term health, said: “I just want them caught. They’ve ruined my life.”

Miss Gudger, from east Leeds, had been with friends at Varsity bar in Woodhouse Lane and was walking towards the Headrow when she passed the beggar.

“These two guys started shouting at me ‘put your hand in your pocket’,” she said. “I said I didn’t have enough money – I’m a single mum and times are hard – and then one of them pushed me.

“I stumbled back but I was all right, then the other one gave me an almighty shove and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.”

After being kept in overnight, Miss Gudger was discharged, but her health deteriorated and she was rushed back to hospital again, where a scan revealed she had suffered bleeding on the brain.

Following further observation she was released but went to see her GP a few days later and suffered a fit while in the surgery.

A further scan showed the bleeding had stopped but she had a blood clot in her lung.

Anyone with information about the incident, which happened on Sunday, September 15, is urged to call police on 0113 2414747.