Museum hope for crucifix treasure

a BROKEN crucifix measuring just over an inch long has been declared treasure and could end up in Leeds Museum after it was found by a metal detector user in Yorkshire.

The silver and gold piece of jewellery was discovered in October last year by a metal detector user searching land in the Wetherby area of West Yorkshire.

The finder dug down just a few inches to discover the crucifix, which was broken into three pieces.

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Only the lower half of Christ’s body can be seen on the find. Experts believe the item dates from the 1500s.

Yesterday the crucifix was subject to a treasure inquest at Wakefield Coroner’s Court.

The hearing was told that the rare item will be valued by the British Museum and could be purchased by Leeds Museum where it could eventually be displayed.

Money raised from the sale will be divided between the finder and the landowner, who both wish to remain anonymous. It is not believed to be particularly valuable.

The exact location of the find was not disclosed in court, in order to prevent other treasure hunters turning up.