New curb on anti-social behaviour

PART of Sheffield will be subject to a dispersal order after 
complaints of anti-social behaviour.

Police claimed just a few individuals are spoiling the lives of residents in Fir Vale and Firth Park, in the Burngreave and Firth Park Ward areas, and they will use their powers “firmly but fairly”.

A three-month Section 30 Dispersal order comes into force on August 12.

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It means that if two or more individuals gather in an area and act in a way that is likely to intimidate or cause harassment, alarm or distress, they can be moved on.

Inspector Simon Leake said: “Our communities have brought their concerns about antisocial behaviour and crime to us, and the actions of a few individuals engaging in this type of behaviour is affecting the quality of life for the majority.

“We are working in partnership to provide long-term solutions to the problems highlighted. To assist with this objective, we have successfully applied for a Section 30 Dispersal Order, which enables us to break up groups of people likely to be causing problems for local residents. This power will be used firmly but fairly for the good of the majority.”