'The new Kodi'? Why streaming app Modbro is gaining popularity as authorities crack down on Kodi boxes

A streaming app has been dubbed 'the new Kodi' as police and courts continue to clamp down on streams of copyrighted content.

Is Modbro the new Kodi?

Streaming app Modbro allows users to access copyrighted content through the web.

Modbro has been around for several years, but it is thought the app could become more widespread as authorities tackle illegal Kodi add-ons.

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Whereas Kodi software on streaming boxes is very comprehensive, delivering TV, sports and films through illegal 'Kodi box' add-ons, Modbro is more basic.

The app scans the web for streams of TV shows, sports and films and lets you tune into them.

It isn't as capable as Kodi, which has much more multimedia focus and can also be used as a home network or for local storage.

Modrbo is also harder to download on Android, requiring a manual download by enabling 'unknown sources' in phone settings.

Technically, the Kodi software is not illegal and neither is Modbro, but streaming any copyrighted content using one is illegal and carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence under the newly passed Digital Economy Act.