New look for Harrogate's 'ugly' concrete car park

Harrogate drivers are starting to notice a striking difference at one of the town's most architecturally iconic, though not always much-loved, car parks as part of a £1million project.

Then - The 1970s multi-storey car park at Tower Street in Harrogate as it looked in its original modernist concrete prime.

Work on the four-story multi-storey car park in Harrogate's Tower Street has progressed to the point where new cladding is changing its very look with a gentle use of soft colours outside to disguise the concrete.The West Park car park was designed in the 1970s when 'brutalist' modernist architecture was at the height of fashion.

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Despite sometimes being criticised in the past for being 'ugly', the work at the the Harrogate Borough Council-owned car park is more than cosmetic.It also includes structural repairs to the concrete, new roof and lighting. Work on the striking building near Pure Gym and The Tap pub is expected to continue until early June.The reasons for change are simple to what has alway been a very moderately-priced car park are straightforward, says the council.The car park had begun "show its age" says Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport Meeting, Coun Phil Ireland. He said: “The works, to fix problems caused by water damage and to give it a new, modern, look will improve the experience for all users. "It will be interesting to see what finally emerges and how much it costs to park there in future...

Now - The multi-storey car park at Tower Street in Harrogate as work progresses during its current 1 million upgrade.