New probe into Sheffield tram death launched

A fatal tram crash in which a man was killed in Sheffield just before Christmas is being investigated by a rail accident group.

Woodbourn Road tram stop, where the accident happened

The Rail Accidents Investigation Branch has opened an investigation into a fatal accident at Woodbourn Road tram stop in Sheffield on December 22.

The man who was killed was an 81-year-old. He was injured in the collision and later died in hospital.

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A spokesman for RAIB said: "At about 10am on 22 December 2016, a pedestrian, who had just got off an inbound tram, was struck and fatally injured by an outbound tram travelling from Sheffield city centre towards Meadowhall, while using the crossing at the northern end of Woodbourn Road tram stop.

"The crossing, over both tracks, provides a pathway between the inbound platform and Woodbourn Road.

"Because no one was waiting at the outbound platform and no one on board requested that the tram stop, it was travelling through the stop at around 13 mph (21 km/h).

"Our investigation will seek to identify the sequence of events which led to the accident and consider any factors which may have influenced the actions of the tram driver and the pedestrian.

"It will also consider any relevant underlying management factors.

"Our investigation is independent of any investigation by Stagecoach Supertram, the Office of Rail and Road, or South Yorkshire Police.

"We will publish our findings, including any safety recommendations, at the conclusion of our investigation."