'˜Nightmare' of firefighter who found son at death crash scene in Yorkshire

The mother of a firefighter who found his son injured in a car crash in North Yorkshire that killed two teenagers says he told her: 'Mum, this is my worst nightmare.'

Margaret Brown, 80, says her grandson, Daniel Brown, 17, is “out of the woods” after surviving the crash that claimed the lives of his friends George Turner and Mason Pearson.

Margaret was phoned by her son David Brown, 47, just moments after he arrived at the scene of the collision near Thirsk to find Daniel being cut free from one of the cars involved.

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She says Daniel had internal injuries but has now been moved out of intensive care to a high dependency unit at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Speaking from her home in Thirsk today, Margaret said: “David rang me and said, ‘Mum, this is my worst nightmare. I’ve been called to this crash and Daniel is in the car. I’m living my worst nightmare’.”

She added: “David never breaks his strict private work code so he didn’t go into details, but he said he first thought Daniel just had cuts and bruises and would be okay.

“But they put him in sedation to make sure there was nothing internal and today they took him out of intensive care.

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“The family are all pulling together, but it has been a traumatic time, especially for Daniel’s two sisters.”

Daniel is an English and Maths A-level student at Middlesbrough College and a keen Middlesbrough FC fan.

Margaret said: “He’s such a lovely, lovely boy. Being his only son with two daughters, David is very fond of Daniel – they’re both football mad.

“As a grandmother and mother you are always worrying because that’s what being a parent is all about.

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“David was in bits when he found out about Daniel, when I got the call from him he was very anxious and we were all hoping he’d pull through.

“Daniel is my only grandson so he is very special to me.”

She added: “David is a true hero, from 5am he’s a postman and gets home at 3pm, has some dinner, and at 4pm he’s a fireman.

“Since the accident, David hasn’t been home and has been by Daniel’s bedside.”

Margaret said Daniel – who turns 18 on March 29 – is expected to be in hospital for about a month.

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She added: “It would be the best 18th birthday present he could wish for to be home – but it might take a little longer than that.”

Seven land ambulances and an air ambulance were called to the crash on Wednesday night as well as a second helicopter from the coastguard.

A Volkswagen Bora was in collision with a Ford Focus at about 9.25pm on the A61 between Busby Stoop and Carlton Miniott.

The teenagers who died were back seat passengers in the Volkswagen. A total of seven other people were injured in the incident.