'No one wants to live in Sheffield:' Home Office struggles to recruit because staff don't want to come here

People don' t want to live in Sheffield, apparently.People don' t want to live in Sheffield, apparently.
People don' t want to live in Sheffield, apparently.
Britain's immigration system could grind to a halt - because Home Office staff don't want to live and work in Sheffield, according to reports.

Bosses have apparently revealed that they are struggling to recruit enough staff to cope with the demands of Brexit - and that the thought of living in Sheffield is putting off jobseekers from applying.

The city is home to a major Home Office processing centre where international visas are processed.

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The department needs hundreds more workers to register EU citizens currently living in Britain, who will be allowed to stay after Brexit but must give their details to the Government.

At a recent conference, officials said it was proving tricky to hire the 1,200 extra staff they want, the Guardian reported.

One reason was the difficulty of “enticing staff to move to Sheffield, the city having been designated as the global processing centre”, bureaucrats said.

The Government department has to register all of the 3 million Europeans living in Britain before we leave the EU in 2019.

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The Government has already hired 700 more immigration caseworkers and wants to find another 500 over the next six months, after demand from Europeans quadrupled in a year and a half.

Sheffield City Council told The Sun: “How the Home Office appoints to these roles is their business, but our experience suggests that Sheffield is a highly popular city to live, work and study in.

“Our two universities are thriving and we have this year announced partnerships with Boeing, McLaren Automotive and Rolls-Royce that will bring thousands of highly-skilled jobs to the region.

“We frequently feature in polls as the happiest place to live in the UK given our abundance of green space and the Peak District on our doorstep.”