Not from Yorkshire? Then you probably want to be

IF you ask any Yorkshireman or woman, chances are they'd tell you they already know.

If this baby is not from Yorkshire, I'll eat my hat. PIC: Shutterstock

But new research suggests Yorkshire is the place that most people would love to be from.

A new study shows that Brits are taking a greater pride in their regional identities than they are in being British, with 87 per cent of us proud to be from our hometowns, whilst only 57 per cent are still proud to be British. Not only do we struggle with our national pride, but one in ten of us has lied about our nationality.

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Yorkshire came out top when people were asked where they’d most live to be from, with 16 per cent wishing they were from God’s Own County - and its all down to the welcoming locals, according to 22 per cent of people, and the friendly accent, say 18 per cent. Lancashire and Cornwall came second and third.

Essex was the least desirable region, with Bristol and Kent making up the regions we’d least like to be from.

The research, by Findmpast DNA, also showed differing perceptions of what makes us from a particular place, with 55 per cent saying where you’re born plays a huge part, but 54 per cent saying it’s where you grew up.

One in 10 can’t trace their family tree back past their parents, and over a third can only trace it up to their grandparents.

Findmypast DNA chief executive Tamsin Todd said: “As a nation, we’re slightly confused about who we are – not agreeing on what makes us ‘us’, and not actually being able to trace our family trees back very far.”