Notorious lifer Bronson attacks guards in gym at Yorkshire jail

BRITAIN'S most notorious prisoner has been involved in an attack at the high-security West Yorkshire prison dubbed "Monster Mansion".

Charles Bronson attacked guards in the gym of Wakefield Prison last Friday at 1:20pm, and staff had to wait for reinforcements before they could take any action against him.

Various reports suggested he took on 12 wardens and injured at least four in the rampage but the Prison Service has denied that any staff were hurt.

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A Prison Service spokesman said: "At 1:20pm on 12 November a prisoner was involved in a minor incident in the gym association area at Wakefield prison. Staff intervened at 4:37pm and the incident was resolved at 4:40pm. No injuries were sustained."

Bronson, who was originally jailed for armed robbery in 1974, was given a life sentence after taking an art teacher hostage for 44 hours during a Hull Prison siege in 1999. Originally from Luton, he is certified insane and has been held at all three of Britain's special hospitals.