On this day in Yorkshire

The fire at Cadeby colliery: another death

March 15, 1899

As a result of the “gob fire” at the Cadeby Main Colliery, another death has occurred, the sufferer who has now succumbed being Richard Seels, aged 26, a single man, living at new Denaby. Yesterday afternoon an inquest was held on him and the man William Barrett, who died from the same cause. Mr F.N. Wardell, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Mines, attended the inquest.

The deputy, Lumb, said he was near the men on Saturday night near a “gob fire”which had been a source of trouble for more than a week. Suddenly a part of the roof gave way, thus liberating some gas.

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There was instantaneously a flash. It extinguished all the lights in the safety lamps. There had been no suspicion of any gas near the fire.

A verdict of “Death from burns accidentally received from an explosion in the Cadeby Colliery” was returned.

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