Bring on Brexit, the sooner the better - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive, Rawdon.
Will Brexit be good for Yorkshire - or not?Will Brexit be good for Yorkshire - or not?
Will Brexit be good for Yorkshire - or not?

VICKY Seddon’s recent letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 10) setting out reasons to remain in the EU sounds like a vote of no confidence in our great country espousinging the virtues of independence.

It is so negative, as is her criticism of Sir Steve Houghton, leader of Barnsley Council.

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We are not a “relatively small country”, as she asserts. What she fails to recognise is that what was a justifiable economic community – the European Union – has become a huge political carbuncle mired with political greed, endless red tape and waste. We don’t want to have our laws dictated to us as a nation. We don’t want or need an open door for citizens from all EU member states.

We have enough pressure already on housing availability and finance for the health and education services in particular.

The last thing we need is another referendum which would not only be expensive but could be a massive prevarication if a similar result is returned.

So Vicky, let’s bring on Brexit, the sooner the better, but hopefully on more favourable terms than those currently proposed.