A vote for no deal might have shaken EU out of intransigence - Yorkshire Post letters

Theresa May's future is again on the line over Brexit.Theresa May's future is again on the line over Brexit.
Theresa May's future is again on the line over Brexit.
From: David Gray, Liversedge.

IT has been so obvious that the EU would not alter their stance on the ‘backstop’ as that is their ultimate key to their control of our future.

Had there been a vote for no deal, that might show them we are more determined than they have thought, and in their realism they might quickly move.

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We may need to make use of the preparations that have been made in many businesses and organisations. No delay in the set timescale will alter their intransigence. It will continue to waste time – and effort we could better use.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

YOUR correspondents Ian Ogleby, Phyllis Capstick et al (The Yorkshire Post, February 11) assert that democracy or the ‘will of the people’ is being violated.

It becomes ever clearer that the 37 per cent of the electorate who wanted Brexit were conned by a gang of über-capitalist buccaneers whose main aim is a deregulated state with unprotected consumers and a supine workforce. Most voters now recognise this and the ‘will of the people’ is no longer what your correspondents assume it to be. The same correspondents bemoan the fact that most MPs and civil servants are Remainers. Why? These are the people who actually work with international relations and so appreciate 
the value of EU membership.

From: Denis Angood, Britannia Close, Leeds.

NEVER mind the numbers, maybe Remain supporters should reconsider their thinking about what Brexit will actually bring to Britain. When they have successfully worked out that the benefits will considerably outweigh any disadvantages, maybe they can then teach each other about how to make those benefits work for the country.

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

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AS a schoolboy in 1950s, I was an avid reader of adventure tales like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. However, this author also known for philosophical remarks like “if voting meant anything, they’d never let us do it”. The adverse response to the 2016 referendum by MPs bears this out.

From: GA Smith, Boston Spa.

GINA Miller has claimed that the EU is a good employer (The Yorkshire Post, March 8). I don’t call an organisation that has dismissed auditors for raising genuine concerns over fraud to be a good employer.