Billionaires and governments need to stop messing with the weather - GP Taylor

Yorkshire farmers are warning of a looming crisis. The harvest this year is in jeopardy. Wheat and bread prices are set to rise, and all because it has been an exceptionally wet 18 months.

According to the Met Office, from October 2022 to March 2024, the highest amount of rain has fallen in any 18-month period in England in recorded history. The soil is waterlogged, and crops are likely to fail.

Yet, all around the world, governments and billionaires are playing God and messing with the weather. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are both systematically seeding the sky to bring rain on the desert to maintain a supply of fresh water.

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The preliminary studies of rainfall resulting from Saudi cloud seeding indicate precipitation of 3.5 billion cubic metres of water have fallen to create new water sources, increase green space and intensify vegetation to mitigate desertification and drought.

A man looks at floodwater in Hampshire earlier this year. PIC: Andrew Matthews/PA WireA man looks at floodwater in Hampshire earlier this year. PIC: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
A man looks at floodwater in Hampshire earlier this year. PIC: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

The cloud seeding has been so successful that the Saudi National Centre of Meteorology issued a red warning (the highest on a four-tier scale) for heavy rainfall and strong winds on April 6. This is following the desert state flooding in January.

These weather experiments have been taking place throughout the world, often funded by billionaires wanting to fight global warming. This is not a conspiracy theory. Reputable news outlets have recently covered the story of weather modification.

Bill Gates is backing high-altitude experiments of solar geoengineering, which mimics the effects of a giant volcanic eruption. Thousands of planes would fly at high altitudes, spraying millions of tons of particles around the planet to create a massive chemical cloud that would cool the surface. Some experts have warned that playing God with the weather could cause mass flooding in some areas and drought in others.

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In 1952, Britain suffered a disaster following cloud seeding. One of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty-five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops, and hotels.

According to the BBC, new evidence from previously classified government files suggests that a team of scientists working with the RAF were experimenting with artificial rainmaking in southern Britain in the same week. Operation Cumulus was suspended immediately after the disaster.

Yet, despite the government denying that geoengineering is taking place in the skies above our heads, many people are now believing otherwise.

As an avid sky watcher, I have noticed that since 2015 (never saw this before then) there are a growing number of jet contrails, especially when there is a cloudless sky. I have watched and photographed the same large jet going backwards and forwards along the coast at Filey. It did this for nearly an hour before it switched off its contrail and flew south.

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The clear sky is left with a patchwork of contrails that don’t disappear and cause a phenomenon called contrail cirrus. Within the hour, the clouds thicken blocking out the sun. Often this leads to rain.

I have seen this happen many times, but whenever I speak to someone in authority about this, I am met with a brick wall of denial and silence, even though there are aeronautical companies in this country who advertise this service. There is a growing library of evidence from whistle-blowers involved in these operations and the internet is full of videos taken inside the planes showing the equipment used.

Around the world, the concept of cloud engineering is being discussed. Although controversial, some think that trying to mimic the impacts of a volcano eruption is a viable way to control global warming. This proposed type of climate geoengineering is called stratospheric aerosol injection. According to CBS News, it could lower the temperature by one degree. Tennessee lawmakers have recently voted to ban geoengineering. The Mexican government that it would “prohibit and, where appropriate, stop experimentation practices with solar geoengineering”.

What nobody knows is what does this do to our weather in Yorkshire? It is all very well and good to attempt to cool the world, but at what cost to our farmers and growers? The change in the weather is not down to global warming but more like global interference.

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As a retired police officer, I believe the available evidence that the weather is being tampered with is overwhelming and added to the government's denials is very worrying.

It is time that billionaires and governments stopped playing with the weather before we are hit with years of deluge and then drought. Look up, see for yourselves and demand the government give us back our clear skies.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster who lives in Yorkshire.

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