Children’s charities like Variety matter more than ever: The Yorkshire Post says

COUNTLESS children across the county owe their support, and wellbeing, to the unsung work that Charlotte Farrington has carried out from the day that she was asked to accompany 90 children to the National Railway Museum.

Charitable support for child poverty projects is even more important following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Now regional development director of Variety, the children’s charity, she has been an eye-witness to the hardships which were confronting families here long before coronavirus triggered a global health, social and economic crisis.

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Fearful that the short-term effectiveness of Variety’s work will be compromised as corporate fundraising events are cancelled, it is heartening that she is even more committed to her work.

And it is to be hoped that Yorkshire’s renowned benevolence will continue to come to the fore to support the invaluable work of Variety and a great many other charities – this weekend many more youngsters will be at the mercy of the generosity and goodwill of others.