Christa Ackroyd: Why I don’t want to see IS bride Shamima Begum allowed back ‘home’

I am by nature forgiving. But when it comes to IS brides demanding my sympathy I am as cold as ice.

Do I want Shamima Begum back ‘home’? No.

Do I think she should be allowed to ‘live quietly ‘ as she demands to bring up her baby ?

Absolutely not.

Do I fully support Home Secretary Sajid Javid in his ‘you made your bed now lie in it’ approach.


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Do I trust this woman when she has shown no real contrition?

Not at all.

And how dare human rights lawyers tell us it is we who are being ‘cruel’ or ‘devoid of any moral obligations’ if we refuse to show one ounce of sympathy, as she claims she deserves.

We know who deserves our sympathy Shamima; the parents of children and the parents waiting to collect their children who died in the Manchester arena bombing which you claim was “fair justification”.

The British aid worker, and others like him, whose only aim was to help those, yes those like you and your children, in the midst of this most heinous of wars against us, who was publicly beheaded.

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My sorrow feels no bounds for the police officer murdered protecting the home of British democracy, a democracy you chose to leave and now only want to come back to when it’s all gone wrong.

Well we can’t afford to take the risk.

I only have sympathy for all those here and in other countries who have died at the hands of those you chose to join, who gave you your “good life”.

Even now you say you could not have found a husband in this country like the one you married, whose whereabouts you do not know.

He has presumably run for the hills and abandoned you, or you would still be happy being his ‘housewife’.

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If heads in buckets fails to evoke your sense of wrong doing, then for me you still pose a threat.

And I don’t want you free to walk among us.

Yes a minuscule part of me part of me believes Shamima Begum and others like her were brainwashed, radicalised and groomed, that her attempt to manipulate the media this week which has seen her soften her stance, could be that she is now afraid for her life and that of her newborn child.

But her lack of remorse quite frankly terrifies me.

It seems we may be forced to take her and others like her back, that it is against international law to declare someone ‘stateless.’

Actually we have a law in this country that would deal with this if we are forced to do so. It is called treason.

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It is more than 600 years old and was introduced to punish enemies of the state.

It would seem entirely appropriate to now revisit a medieval law, if necessary to rework it, to fight the medieval laws under which IS live.

Our Home Secretary has promised to look at doing so, because this week the warning bells have rung loudly.

Shamima Begum is not the only Jihadi bride who will be begging to come home.

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So forget your new political parties, your differences within the old ones, this is something that needs political commitment from all sides of the house.

And we need it now.

Treason used to carry a death sentence. It now carries life imprisonment which seems wholly appropriate and a stronger deterrent than the three years served by the first British woman convicted of encouraging terrorism, Tareena Shakil.

The only good news this week is that for the moment, IS appears to have been defeated in Syria.

But if they hadn’t been, if their Jihadi brides had not found themselves languishing in refugee camps, would they be begging for our sympathy? I doubt it.

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What’s more this particular IS wife isn’t even begging for our forgiveness.

Shamima Begum says the last four years, during which two of her three children have died, has made her stronger, tougher.

Now is the time for us to get stronger and tougher with her, and those like her.

Until then we put our own lives and the lives of our children in danger.

Why would we be stupid enough to do that?