Christa Ackroyd:Why we need to leave the Royal couples alone to be happy

Congratulations Meghan and Harry on your wonderful news. Congratulations Eugenie and Jack on your beautiful wedding. You brought a smile to my face this week and I have nothing negative to say, so shoot me down in flames now.

Christa Ackroyd on Harry and Meghan Markle's royal baby news

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Who doesn’t celebrate the news that a baby is on the way? Well quite a lot of people it would seem and I don’t understand why. Just because these young couples carry a royal tag what gives us the right to keep trying to bring them down to earth with a bump, especially a baby bump.

Good news is good news and I detest the mean-spirited, bitter cynicism that threatens our national psyche, which was once so proud and optimistic. Well, I for one still prefer the adage if you can’t say anything nice about someone say nothing at all, unless of course they deserve it. And these four have done nothing to deserve it, except being born or marrying into the Royal family.

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Let’s take these two Royal events in chronological order starting with the nuptials of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank last Friday. Eugenie you looked beautiful as did your mum. And yes I watched it on television. Got it wrong there BBC. You said no one would be interested. Well three million on a Friday daytime TV programme is a pretty respectable audience. Now let’s tackle the question of how much it cost us. £2million for security. End of. The family paid the rest. It cost us £18million to police Donald Trump’s visit earlier this year. Enough said.

The headlines before during and after centred not on a happy family celebration but whether Fergie was now back in the fold. Actually like it or not she never left. She still shares a house with Andrew whom she describes as her best friend more than 20 years after they divorced and she was quite rightly very much a part of her daughter’s big day, although I can’t help thinking the real reason matron of honour Beatrice didn’t walk down the aisle behind her sister but sat beside her mum was to avoid the newspaper headlines that Fergie was alone. Let me tell you a story about Sarah, Duchess of York. She is great fun, stunningly attractive in real life and above all kind. When our lovely friend Richard Whiteley died the first bunch of flowers his widow received was from Sarah along with a handwritten note. I like her. Always have done.

Now to the Royal baby. Lovely to announce it in Australia where Harry and his mother visited together and where he spent his gap year. No apparently that was wrong. It was at the end of Baby Loss Week so it was insensitive. Well I think it’s insensitive to even mention that before the baby is born. After weeks of speculation, culminating in the loose fitting coat at the aforementioned wedding, they had to. And better after the scan and first trimester, unlike poor Kate who was forced to announce her pregnancies earlier than most women because of fears her cancellation of royal visits due to terrible sickness would heap on even more criticism.

Meghan has received criticism for the most trivial things. Okay, I think her stylish wardrobe could be achieved at a more realistic price, but I can’t help thinking if all the attention is now on how she looks rather than what she says, then no wonder she has gone a bit overboard. Remember the outcry when her Royal biog described her as a feminist. Anyway I bet she gets a whopping discount when websites crash within minutes of her wearing a new brand in her new role. She will soon learn baby sick is just as unattractive and difficult to shift on a Zara jumper as it is on a Givenchy dress. Meghan is criticised for being too Royal with all the rigmarole it entails and then criticised for not being Royal enough for breaking protocol by shock horror not wearing tights or shutting her own car door. Don’t make your Mum part of the show said the headlines when she took Doria to the launch of a cookbook at the community kitchen to help the families who suffered in the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Well now you know why her mum was there. She had flown over to see her daughter who had just found out she was pregnant. And unexpectedly Harry tagged along too, in a supportive role because he wanted to make sure she was feeling alright, which she probably wasn’t. The last time he walked behind a woman he loved was at his mummy’s funeral and it was heartbreaking. Now I for one cannot begrudge him one ounce of happiness. Nor his cousin on her wedding day.