Doncaster Sheffield Airport closure would arguably be the biggest missed opportunity of failed levelling-up agenda - The Yorkshire Post says

The threat of Doncaster Sheffield Airport’s closure has caused real worry in Yorkshire, with thousands of people already signing a petition to save it after owners announced it may no longer be commercially viable.

They are justifiably emotional about this, their feelings likely coloured by the historical disappointment of Sheffield City Airport’s closure in 2008.

However, it would be yet another in a series of blows to transport infrastructure in the region.

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We take no joy in once again lamenting the scaled-backed plans for HS2, which were not so much about journey times but had importance for freeing up the tributary connections in Yorkshire’s towns and hamlets – in turn potentially meaning more services, cheaper fares, opportunities for improvements and less cars on the road.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport may have to shut.Doncaster Sheffield Airport may have to shut.
Doncaster Sheffield Airport may have to shut.

Before that, in 2017, then Transport Secretary Chris Grayling cancelled electrification along a stretch of the Midland Mainline after previous Prime Minister and Chancellor, David Cameron and George Osborne, had talked up such plans as an example of their commitment to the North of England.

Elsewhere, Doncaster’s bid to host a freeport was declined when, according to former Mayor of South Yorkshire, Dan Jarvis, the Treasury’s own analysis showed that the proposal had a stronger economic case than areas whose bids succeeded.

What is it that governments have against Doncaster, Yorkshire and the North?

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It is notable that Doncaster Sheffield Airport has one of the longest and most capable runways in the north of England and, either side of it, the major ports of Hull and Liverpool.

Arguably, its closure would be the single biggest missed opportunity in the Government’s failed levelling-up agenda.

Remaining Conservative leader candidates, take note.