Give the people a second referendum if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is again rejected - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Paul Muller, Sandal, Wakefield.

Should Brexit be put back to the people in a second referendum?

MANY voters in our nation felt they were being let down by the then Conservative government in 2016 and so voted against the suggestion of David Cameron. They voted to leave the EU without knowing the consequences.

At first we were told it would be easy to leave. In the last two and a half years we have discovered that it will be anything but easy. In fact it will very be unsatisfactory and disruptive for our whole nation and the 27 other nations in the EU.

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This is exemplified by the turmoil and rudeness in Parliament over many months.

If the Prime Minister’s deal is again rejected we must have a people’s vote on 1. Theresa May’s deal; 2. Leave without a deal; 3. No Brexit.

From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

MIKE Shaw (The Yorkshire Post, March 4) talks about digging ourselves into a ‘hole’ as if the plucky little UK has always been at the mercy of the fiendish EU.

Our economy has done well out of the EU, just ask our livestock farmers/exporters, automotive industry not to mention the City. We still feel it today – austerity, but at least we are not the Greeks. If we leave without a deal, while the City will still thrive, others, including our livestock farmers, will suffer badly.

The uncertainty, combined with last year’s weather, is causing acute distress for many, as reported by the NFU. Still, the livestock sector is small beer compared to the City.

From: David Collins, Scissett.

OBVIOUSLY Parliament is not capable of dealing with Brexit – despite the fact that they caused the mess in the first place.

My only thoughts of a solution is to withdraw all politicians from the process. Hand it to the civil servants who are doing the work anyway.

Brexit is only the start of our problems. We then have to sort out a proper Parliamentary democracy which reflects the will of the people, not just those in political parties, who have, in fact, reached their sell-by dates. Hopefully this would be a reasoned debate by people who think about the issues, not just doing the bidding of party whips.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

YOU have to respect how Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, is undertaking his duties. Though not a household name, he certainly appears more focused on the job than the more ambitious David Davis and Dominic Raab. Do others agree?