Last Tango in Halifax and Sally Wainwright’s Yorkshire legacy – The Yorkshire Post says

LAST Tango in Halifax and its all-star cast featuring, among others, Sarah Lancashire and Derek Jacobi, personifies the best of BBC drama when there’s so much debate about the legitimacy – or otherwise – of the TV licence fee.

The Last Tango in Halifax is launching its latest series.
The Last Tango in Halifax is launching its latest series.

Yet the value of such programmes extends far beyond audience numbers. Like Gentleman Jack, these series are helping to attract a new generation of tourists to Halifax and the West Riding.

And, as political debate continues about maximising the potential and productivity of the Northern Powerhouse, the interest surrounding the latest launch of Last Tango is further valediction of the importance of the creative industries to this county.

The BBC's Last Tango In Halifax features acclaimed actresses like Sarah Lancashire.

After all, the growing global reach of these programmes is such that they now provide priceless publicity for Yorkshire and the rugged landscapes of the Pennines. For this, the county will be forever in the debt of Sally Wainwright, the script-writer for both shows. Her legacy is already a lasting one.