Learn these three key lessons as Yorkshire students celebrate A-Level results – The Yorkshire Post says

NOT only do the annual A-level critics belittle the successes of students but their constant carping actually overlooks the most important lesson of all – the link between education, skills and business.

Joyous students celebrate their A-Level results.

Yet, as the more academically-gifted prepare for university, it is significant that more than half of young people believe they will have to retrain at some stage in their career.

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No business can expect to perform to its optimum if it has such a high turnover of chief executives – and the need for consistency is also applicable to the Department for Education.

Joyous students celebrate their A-Level results.

However it is the needs of industry which should be dictating policy, and reform, if more young people are to use their education to lead successful lives.

This means business leaders – and others – having a far greater input into the curriculum so there is more emphasis on those skills that will be fundamental to the future fortunes of students, irrespective of whether their degree paves the way for a well-remunerated job.

It also requires more focus on the benefits of apprenticeships and vocational learning – on-the-job training can be just as insightful, if not more so, than a degree. It is certainly more financial rewarding, given it negates the need for tuition fees that leave recipients facing potentially decades of debt.

What do this year's A-Level students mean for pupils?

And it necessitates the need for all schools and students to be able to access the very best careers advice rather than this guidance being left to chance.

If Mr Williamson is sufficiently open-minded to learn these three lessons now, and take the necessary steps, the county’s economic foundations – which begin in schools – will be all the stronger as a result.

Gavin Williamson is the fifth Education Secretary in as many years.