Leeds International Pool should be start of journey for a modern underground system – Yorkshire Post letters

The inside of the now demolished Leeds International Pool.The inside of the now demolished Leeds International Pool.
The inside of the now demolished Leeds International Pool.
From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

I READ with interest that the site of the former Leeds International Pool is finally to be sold for redevelopment. This is where I learnt to swim nearly five decades ago and the first city centre destination that I was allowed to visit as a young teenager without parents. The pleasure of getting myself into Leeds on the LCT 74 or 76.

I have aged – sometimes it feels badly – but the centre of Leeds seems rejuvenated. However Leeds still lacks a metro system. The new offices on the old pool site are opposite the redeveloped former home of this august publication and will define a strategic gateway to Leeds city centre. This could be one of a number of ideal locations for central area underground stations on a regional metro system. Major passenger destinations like this western end of Wellington Street, plus South Bank, Leeds City Square, Millennium Square and Eastgate could be linked by tunnel with stations allowing direct access and reducing avoidable car journeys.

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For the umpteenth time I remind your readers of the convenience of direct access to Eldon Square shopping centre in Newcastle from Monument underground station. Who dares to suggest that we deserve less in Leeds?