Make time to tell loved ones drugs can and will kill

Leeds Festival has been overshadowed by the death of a 17-year-old girl from what the authorities suspect is a drug overdose.

Leeds Festival Day1..Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes jumps in the crowd..23rd August 2019.Picture by Simon Hulme

The heartbreaking devastation for her family is difficult to contemplate as they are forced to come to terms with the loss of someone with her entire adult life ahead and all of her potential left cruelly unfulfilled.

This newspaper trusts that those around that family are able to offer support if and when asked to do so by the bereaved.

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The tragedy comes on the same weekend that a young man of only 19 years lost his life at a separate music festival over the Pennines at Creamfields in Warrington.

Whilst the timing is difficult, it is absolutely imperative that parents, grandparents and young people themselves have the conversation about drugs, now.

Of course nobody begrudges young people those moments when they let off steam, especially as the pressures on today’s younger generation seem greater than ever.

And it should be put on record that the organisers of Leeds Festival have left no stone unturned in trying to make the event as safe as it possibly can be.

But unless families and peer groups make time to discuss the fact that drugs – particularly uncontrolled illegal substances – are not safe, needless loss of life will continue.