No excuses

THERE will, inevitably, be consternation among some motorists at the prospects of the legal drink-driving limit being lowered following Sir Peter North's study.

However, public safety must come first – and Sir Peter's research concludes that dozens of lives will be saved each year if his recommendations are introduced in full.

Yet, while levels of drink-driving have mercifully fallen thanks to increased awareness, there is still a hard core of drivers – of all ages – who think they're invincible.

They are not, and they will not be if the police enforce the new laws and, in particular, new powers to catch – and ban – those people driving while under the influence of drugs. This scourge has been unenforcable for too long.

It was also prudent, on Sir Peter's part, to rule that there should not be even lower limits for newly-qualified drivers. Every individual should be treated as an equal. And, if every motorist accepted, and understood, their moral obligation to be safe and responsible drivers at all times, there would not be the need for existing laws to be tightened.