Now to the Battle of Brexit as Tory leadership hostilities resume – The Yorkshire Post says

TWO weeks after a tearful Theresa May confirmed her resignation, nominations finally open today for the Tory leadership.

The next PM must not be allowed to circumvent Parliament over Brexit.
The next PM must not be allowed to circumvent Parliament over Brexit.

It is inevitable that the contest will be dominated by Brexit – to what extent will, in all likelihood, depend on the result of yesterday’s by-election in Peterborough.

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Yet, while Tory hostilities were lessened by President Trump’s state visit and events to mark D-Day, world leaders were certainly respectful of Mrs May. The question now is which – if any – of her successors has the international statesmanship that this country has always come to expect of its prime ministers.

And, in many respects, this will be determined by the manner in which they intend to preside over Britain’s departure from the European Union. As such, it is astonishing that some candidates even countenance proroguing Parliament, thereby suspending proceedings and scrutiny, until October 31, the new default date for Brexit, to thwart Remain-supporting MPs.

A constitutional outrage, this is in addition to the admission that the Commons could adjourn for summer before a new PM and Cabinet is appointed. Has nothing been learned?

Like it or not, the next leader is duty-bound to work with Parliament to finalise Brexit. And, in case they need reminding, 
D-Day – and the wars fought by previous generations – were about preserving Parliamentary democracy, not ignoring it.