Queen puts Oxford University ‘wokes’ to shame and I’m an ardent republican – GP Taylor

AS an ardent republican, I am not usually bothered with news about the Royal family. My eyes skim over the stories without resting upon them and I have automatic deafness when they are on the radio.

The Queen charmed world leaders at last weekend's G7 summit in Cornwall.
The Queen charmed world leaders at last weekend's G7 summit in Cornwall.

Yet, as the Harry and Meghan saga continues with sickening pace, I am becoming more and more sympathetic towards the Queen and her immediate 

So much so, that I actually felt angry to hear that an American student at Oxford had the audacity to have a picture of the Queen removed from the common room of the college he is attending. It was alleged that she was a symbol of colonialism.

In the language of woke, colonialism is a synonym for racism and the two go hand in hand.

The Queen with Presidenjt Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden. America's First Lady, at Windsor Castle.

Anyone with a single brain 
cell would know that this is far from the truth. Not even the most aggressive ‘wokeateer’ could accuse the Queen of being racist.

Far from it. In reality, it is obvious that she has done everything she possibly could to bring people together regardless of their skin colour.

The monarch is a symbol of the country that abolished slavery, stood up against an anti-Semitic regime and has made Britain a safe place to be, whatever gender or sexual orientation you are.

It is one of the most liberal and forward-thinking countries in the world and I have to admit that the Queen has done much to promote that.

The Queen, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge at the G7 summit.

I dislike the idea of monarchy, but Queen Elizabeth II certainly has to be admired as a fine example of humanity, one only has to look at the way she brought sanity and humour to the G7 meeting last weekend.

Her Majesty has the historic standing to be able to hold herself head and shoulders 
above elected world leaders. After all, in her long and dignified life she has seen politicians come and go and scratched her head in bewilderment at their antics. 
Her actions last weekend shows she is one of the greatest diplomats of all time.

Yet the removal of her 
portrait from this university, 
and the negative bickering 
over a statue of her being erected in York Minster, are just two incidents of the growing woke culture in Britain today. It is sad that the Queen should be attacked in such a way at a 
time when she is mourning the death of her husband and soul-mate.

There is an obvious agenda being pushed by parts of the media and social commentators that being a patriot and having pride in Queen and country 
is a negative thing, and that 
we all should be ashamed and make atonement for past 

Any sign of patriotism is feared. Even our beloved football team is now infected and have sided with an organisation that promotes defunding the police, bringing down capitalism and destroying the traditional 
family. I can remember when 
the football World Cup and European Championships were a time for being proud of being British and flying the red and white flag on cars and houses in the hope that the team got beyond the first round, but not anymore.

Anti-British sentiment is growing so quickly that residents in some London boroughs have even been threatened by councils if they display the flag of St George. How is it that having pride in the land we live, our football team and historic culture can be so bad?

There is nothing wrong or racist with being proud to be British, regardless of the colour of your skin, sexuality or ethnic background. That is the wonder of our country. We are many different people brought together by our history and we should not allow the followers of woke to change that.

The removal of the portrait of the Queen is just one symptom in a ravaging disease that is spreading across the world, trying to change what we believe, think and say. Nothing and no one is out of its sight and those who are proud to be English are a target.

Last year it was a statue of a man long forgotten, this year it was a portrait of the Queen. These may be small inconsequential things, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. If we do not make a stand against this counter culture, then all will be lost.

It is a virus so insidious 
that it will infect our education system and school, our workplace and homes. I am proud of Yorkshire, England 
and the United Kingdom. 
Cancel me if you wish, but you will never take away my love of this green and pleasant land from me.

GP Taylor is a writer and broadcaster. He lives in East Yorkshire.

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