Road safety must be a priority as 54 people killed or seriously injured on this region’s roads each week – Yorkshire Post Comment

THE tally of 54 people killed or seriously hurt on Yorkshire’s roads every week is both shocking and tragic.

The aftermath of a crash on Yorkshire's roads.

An individual story of loss, grief, pain or life-changing injury lies behind every single incident.

Sadly, we are approaching a time of year when the toll accidents take is likely to rise even further, with drink-drivers putting themselves and other road users at risk over Christmas.

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Are there enough speed cameras on the region's roads?

Worryingly, there is an upward trend in the number of accidents. A 14 per cent increase during 2018 compared with the previous year is a reversal of the long-term decline in deaths and injuries.

It is incumbent upon us all to do everything we can to bring the numbers down.

There will be widespread support for the push by road safety charity Brake to raise awareness of what can be done to improve 
matters. It is highly significant that a survey has highlighted just how off-putting near-misses with vehicles are for pedestrians and cyclists.

This is national Road Safety Week, and that should be the opportunity for everyone to consider how they get around in an effort to make the streets safer, whether that be by driving more considerately or simply leaving the car at home and opting to walk, cycle or use public transport instead.

Everybody benefits from improved road safety, and in our region we need to make renewed efforts, whether at council level or as individuals, not only for the well-being of communities, but to spare the terrible human cost of victims.