Spend Boris Johnson’s Brexit ‘war chest’ on farmers and food producers – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Dave Ellis, Magdalen Lane, Hedon.

What will Boris Johnson do for farmers?

THE Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, should be allocating some of the Brexit ‘‘war chest’’ monies to British protected (under glasshouse) growers, who can invest in LED lighting.

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There have been great advances in technologies in artificial lighting, organic plant nutrients and more efficient energy saving glass, which means home-grown crops of tomatoes, peppers and strawberries along with other salad crops can be grown all year round.

Boris Johnson visits a farm in Scotland as part of his pre-election tour.

Improved varieties of tomatoes produce more flavoursome fruits than those grown in Spain and Holland, available from November to March.

What is needed is help in capital investment for lighting, as the infrastructure of existing efficient glasshouses is already there. Instead of being dormant during the winter months, these glasshouse seasons crops could be grown giving both food security and extended seasonal employment over a longer period.

From: Ian Richardson, Beverley.

BORIS Johnson is not like previous Prime Ministers. The careers of all the others usually end with failure. He is unique, his tenure has started with failure and will most likely end, very soon, with abject failure.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

CAN the people who voted Leave, as it was stated on the ballot paper, appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice to overturn the new law that the House of Lords has made?

Failure of rail franchises

From: KG Redshaw, Wentworth Drive, Harrogate.

IN response to a recent column by David Behrens, I agree that the setting up of Transport for the North was set up to delay major decisions and the necessary funding thereof. But where I disagree in his assertion that TfN is “the dead battery”.

I am aware that TfN has produced a strategy which would work but they are not being helped at present by politicians national and local who cannot agree on important issues. What better example to proclaim once again for a Mayor and appropriate funding for ‘‘One Yorkshire’’?

Hopefully, our new Prime Minister can start to deliver in the North as promised (The Yorkshire Post, September 7). Again I do not put blame on the many dedicated staff serving our transport companies. More, I consider that the owners are responsible. When will Government accept that the current rail franchising model is broken?

Will mankind never learn?

From: P Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

THE Amazon rain forest is one of the lungs of the planet and absorbs a huge amount of CO2. It is a vital part of the Earth’s ecology.

Huge amounts of this area are currently engulfed in flames, whether this is by accident or intention.

If by intention it is being cleared for agricultural and beef farming/ranching purposes, a very profitable business in the short-term but disastrous long-term loses to the economy, ecology and environment.

Will mankind never learn?

Keep up loan charges fight

From: Jim Buckley, Ackton, Pontefract.

ALL power to your elbow, Greg Wright and The Yorkshire Post, for highlighting the loan charge scandal – please keep this in the public eye.

This is a disgrace and don’t let the politicians try to forget it.

Widen the scope. Real power is with the House of Commons (or it should be). Shame the spineless MPs into doing their job and hold the Government to account.

I do write to MPs myself, urging them along the above lines. Asking them to stop requesting that someone else (the PM) do something. They have the power, and they should do the telling.

Do please keep banging on about it. Thanks.

Cameron is unforgettable

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

MENTIONING the imminent serialisation of David Cameron’s memoirs (The Yorkshire Post, September 7), Tom Richmond asks “remember him?”. How can we forget his hard hat, yellow vest and condescension; still less the craven submission to his right-wing, which brought about this beyond-expletives mess?

Flight of fancy from Harry

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

SO Prince Harry is only looking after the safety of his family when he uses a private jet. How come Prince William and his wife and family, far nearer to succeeding to the throne, 
rely on Flybe and their royal protectors to fly them all to Balmoral? Perhaps Harry should take a backseat for a while instead of courting the media.

Insult to our intelligence

From: Sheila Smith, Dewsbury.

HAVING read in the papers about the new programme Scarborough, we were greatly disappointed by the first episode. Considering that the BBC are going to charge the over-75s the licence fee for such rubbishy programmes, they should think again and not insult our intelligence.