There's nowt wrong with eating wonky vegetables, especially if it helps local farmers - The Yorkshire Post says

The idealised vision of perfectly pointed carrots and plump potatoes will need to be shelved as a result of fears over this year’s harvest.

Farmers have had to deal with one of the hottest summers on record as drought was declared across the country.

The fact that Lidl and Waitrose have already both committed to selling ‘wonky’ fruit and veg is welcome.

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Other supermarkets should also follow suit and accept more imperfect fruit and vegetables from growers, as the National Farmers’ Union has called for.

Wonky Veg Wonky Veg
Wonky Veg

Consumers can send a signal to these supermarkets by buying bags of wonky vegetables, as Lucinda Douglas, the regional director of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), suggests. After all, a lot of Yorkshire folk will say there’s nowt’ wrong with them.