Time to get the North’s rail services back on track – The Yorkshire Post says

THERESA MAY’S glibness – when pressed over transport investment in the North – spoke volumes about the extent to which the Northern Powerhouse has been held back by her premiership.

Theresa May was pressed about transport investment at PMQs.

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Even Tory MPs appeared cheerless when she cited record funding levels after Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff asked which had been delayed the longest – the Northern Powerhouse or the next train?

In a week’s time, the next Prime Minister, presumably Boris Johnson, will be forming their next Cabinet. If there is not a Northern Powerhouse Minister at the top table, or a half-competent Transport Secretary, this region’s wrath will reach him in double-quick time – and certainly not via Pacer train.

Pacer trians have become a symbol of the North-South divide.