Vanished villages of the East Riding – The Yorkshire Post says

It has taken time and tide to put events on the Yorkshire coast into their proper perspective, for the heartbreaking prospect of one day losing a village like Skipsea to coastal erosion is a sad case of history repeating itself.

The vanishing coastline near Skipsea

Its listing in a newly-published atlas of vanishing places, alongside the hanging gardens of Babylon, invites comparisons with the other settlements that once dotted the stretch of coastline between Bridlington and Spurn Point.

Their names read like a roll-call of stations purged by Dr Beeching. Out Newton, Dimlington, Monkwike and Ringborough: these are the casualties of an East Riding that is literally shrinking.

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It is a tragedy not unique to Yorkshire. On the edge of Snowdonia, the council has said it can’t protect the village of Fairbourne from the elements forever; sooner than later, everything must go.

The vanishing coastline near Skipsea

It is a timely reminder, if one were needed, that nothing stands forever.