We must be brave enough to take an intrepid Brexit journey

From: David Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York.

Are MPs letting down the country over Brexit?
Are MPs letting down the country over Brexit?

MAY we look at the broader picture on Brexit? If there were to be another referendum, we could get the same result and so end up with time wasted.

Also, if Parliament overrules Leave and we remain in the EU, do you think they will treat us kindly? More probably we will then be worse off than before!

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Yes, with Brexit there is an element of the unknown, but I would rather go along with the kind of intrepid explorers like Sir Francis Drake than hold on to teacher’s hand to feel safe.

From: Mike Harwood, Kirkstall, Leeds.

THE principle that an electorate can subsequently change its mind is fundamental to our democracy; failure to defend that principle points the way to fascism.

But today increasingly it is coming to seem that the conduct itself of the campaigning leading to the 2016 referendum was seriously flawed and in breach of crucial democratic rules in its failure (particularly by the Leave Campaign) to comply with the rules.

From: Raymond Knight, Broadway, Newport, Shropshire.

MPs would be well advised to remember who gave them that position. It was not the party machine but the electorate of the constituency that they represent. Their constituents expect them to carry out the wishes when in Parliament and uphold their wishes in the votes on Brexit.

Yvette Cooper, MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, is among those doing the opposite to the wishes of the electorate who appointed her. They voted to leave but she has done everything possible in Parliament to derail the wishes of the majority in the country who voted to leave the EU.

If the UK leaves without a deal, it will shake up the EU and its dictatorial policies. The country voted to leave, MPs should honour that vote and not follow their personal desires as Ms Cooper appears to be doing.

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

WILL Canon Michael Storey and his ilk stop blethering on about only 37 per cent voting for Brexit and the ensuing chaos it is supposed to causing?

Don’t blame the 37 per cent who voted to leave or even the fewer than 37 per cent who voted to remain. Blame the rest of the voting public who had the opportunity but couldn’t be bothered or had no interest in voting. They have caused the ensuing chaos.