We must not let fanatical Remainers or a cowardly Jeremy Corbyn win the general election – Bill Carmichael

SO let’s get this straight – those who have been hysterically shrieking about a “fascist coup” for the last couple of weeks are precisely the same people who are now blocking the Prime Minister’s attempt to allow the people to make their choice in a democratic vote?

Boris Johnson wants to call a general election over Brexit.

Boris Johnson has to be the first “tin-pot dictator” in recorded history who has to be forcibly prevented from consulting the people on the direction the country will take.

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For over two years the Labour Party have been shrilly calling for a general election without delay. “Let the people decide – NOW!” they’ve demanded on a daily basis.

Rival Brexit protests continue to be staged after Parliament.

OK, says the Prime Minister, let’s have 
a general election so the people can decide.

Er…says Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet, no, we’ve decided we don’t want one at the moment after all. Apparently when they said “NOW!” (always in capitals with an exclamation mark) they didn’t actually mean “NOW!”. They meant at some ill-defined moment in the future.

Jeremy Corbyn has faced accusations of ducking an election.

So this week we have witnessed the completely ridiculous spectacle of Labour MPs voting in the Commons to maintain a Conservative government in power and keep Boris Johnson in Number 10. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.

Is there some point of high principle involved here? No, let’s call it what it is – sheer cowardice.

They don’t want an election because they know they will lose. Labour are 10 points behind in the polls and there is little of chance of a revival of the moronic Corbyn Cult we witnessed in 2017.

Labour is an explicitly Remain party now, dedicated to thwarting the will of 17.4 million Leave voters, many of them Labour supporters.

As a result, when the election does eventually come, Labour will be competing for the votes of Remainers in the South East with the Lib Dems and the Greens, while it has totally abandoned its working class supporters in the North and Midlands. I suspect such treachery won’t easily be forgotten.

Either way this isn’t a winning strategy and Labour knows it. That is why they are so utterly terrified of going to the polls.

As for the Brexit-blocking legislation currently making its way through Parliament, Boris Johnson has called it a “Surrender Bill” and it is difficult to disagree.

For example, it includes a clause that requires the British Prime Minister to accept any delay to Brexit decided on by the EU. This could be six months, a year, 10 years or a thousand years and, according to the Bill, the PM must say yes, regardless of the views of the British people.

Has ever a nation – other than in times of defeat after a war – willingly subjugated itself in such a shameful way to a foreign power? We might as well run up the white flag in place of the Union Jack and install Jean-Claude Juncker in Buckingham Palace.

Let’s be clear here, the rebels are not interested in blocking a no-deal Brexit – they want to stop Brexit altogether.

There is certainly a coup under way, but it has nothing to do with Boris Johnson. It is being orchestrated by an establishment elite who have refused to accept the result of a democratic vote.

This entitled and privileged cabal are used to getting their way, and they are not going to let the 2016 referendum – the biggest exercise in participatory democracy this nation has ever seen – stop them.

For three years the Remainer establishment has used every weapon in its armoury – Parliament, the Civil Service, the courts, academia, the media – to thwart the will of the people, and they don’t care what damage they do to our democracy just so long as they get what they want.

What is at stake is far more important than the relatively trivial issue of whether we remain in or leave in the EU – it is about our democracy itself.

If we allow this undemocratic coup to succeed, it will destroy the last vestiges of trust that the public has in our political institutions.

And the very real danger is that if people are prevented from expressing their views through the ballot box they will use other, less democratic means to do so – and we enter dark and dangerous waters.

Fanatical Remainers are playing with fire – regardless of your views of the EU we cannot let them win.