Why Boris Johnson’s integrity matters to voters – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mr G L Hall, Wakefield.

MUCH has been argued about how much Boris Johnson paid for, and did not pay for, and by whom, for the decorating of his flat.

On the face of it, under the much more serious problem of the global pandemic, it appears to be trivial. However, I would argue, this is indeed not so.
In times of trouble, war, famine and indeed disease, we need a leader who can actually lead with strength, power and, above all, honesty.  

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If our elected leader is indeed lacking integrity and is shown to be lacking in moral courage, to whom are we to turn? Now a proven liar in the House of Commons, who do we believe in now?

What is your verdict on Boris Johnson's leadership?

It is unsettling to hear that doctors are planning to fight our Prime Minister in court over his handling of the pandemic. Telling lies about the access to PPE our doctors had to face.  
We are unsteady, we feel vulnerable, so yes, it is indeed most important that not only does our PM have honesty in his armoury, it is also most important that we know it. At the very start of this viral disease, over a period of 10 weeks there were five meetings of the Cobra emergency committee called. These are meetings of national security importance. Our PM was not at any of these meetings. Why? It is most important that we trust our top leader.

From: Terry Palmer, Hoyland, Barnsley.

PIERS Morgan has interviewed the leader of the Labour Party and HM Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer. Morgan’s first question should have been “who do you represent?” His second question should have been “do you apologise unreservedly to your millions of core voters who you totally ignored in trying, over four years, to reverse their democratic decision to leave the EU?”

The third question should have been “what have the Labour Party got to offer the electorate?”

Boris Johnson's leadership continues to divide public and political opinion.

From: Gareth Robson, Kent House Road, Beckenham.

PATRICK Mercer is right (The Yorkshire Post, May 22) – the UK is increasingly fraught by factions fighting like cats in a sack.

I have an awful feeling the “government” are going to attempt to intimidate every faction into silence and obedience.

That was the British Empire preference: violent repression until it was too late. Where, instead, is the patient dialogue we need – all parts and factions of the UK – to work out some compromises. That’s the grown-up way; the EU way; dialogues, not demagogues. We are rushing headlong down the wrong track.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

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