Why bus travel should be an investment in future – The Yorkshire Post says

EVEN THOUGH political and public attitudes towards the environment are beginning to turn decisively, not least because of the impact and influence of teenage climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg, it will require similar enlightenment over transport policies if countries, like Britain, are to reduce their car dependency in the years to come.

Calls are growing for new investment in rural bus services.
Calls are growing for new investment in rural bus services.

A key test will be the next Prime Minister’s approach to bus travel – and how services can win popular appeal, and increase passenger numbers, at a time when spending pressures are forcing local authorities, like North Yorkshire County Council, to cut financial support in order to protect spending on schools and social care.

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This will only happen when Ministers – and local leaders – come to regard the provision of public transport, both in urban and rural needs, as an investment in the future health of the economy, and environment, rather than an irritating inconvenience. Inevitably, it will take time to change the direction of political travel – but this particular journey needs to begin now if the bus, or train, is to become a viable and reliable alternative to the car in time.