Why electric vehicles are bad for environment – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Neil J Bryce, Kelso, Scottish Borders.

Are electric vehicles good for the environment - or not?

READING of John Rhead’s enthusiasm for his new electric car (EV) should be cause for concern (The Yorkshire Post, October 19).

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He has unwittingly fallen under the spell of a brain-child of ex-prime minister David Cameron known as the Behavioural Insights Team, otherwise known as the Nudge Unit whose purpose is to “apply behavioural insights to inform policy – in order to improve compliance with government policy”.

Are electric vehicles good for the environment - or not?

Reflect for a moment how we are being bombarded with exhortations to install smart meters, air source heat pumps, eat less meat and alter our driving habits.

Is this the thin end of a dangerous wedge that carries unsettling hints of China’s social credit system which provides credit ratings and rewards for economic and social reputation, performance and personal behaviour?

I’m sorry Mr Rhead, if you had researched more diligently you would have discovered that your new car, for all its zero tail pipe emissions, is actually far more damaging to the environment than a modern diesel.

Are electric vehicles good for the environment - or not?

The mining, processing, transport and manufacture of finite raw materials for EVs creates a disastrous, well proven trail of environmental devastation and human suffering.

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