Why it is now safer to live in China as violent crime spirals out of control in Britain - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Steven John Howe, Doha, Qatar.

The spot in London where Jodie Chesney, 17, was stabbed to death last Friday.

I FELT compelled to write to The Yorkshire Post regarding the apparent disregard for welfare of law-abiding citizens and the constant protection of criminals by the justice system in the UK. I use the term ‘‘justice’’ loosely, of course.

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I left the UK more than 10 years ago to work abroad due to the collapse of the UK construction industry in the 2008 downturn and crash.

Since that time, I have been totally shocked by the way the criminal fraternity are effectively taking over the UK streets.

Let me come to the point, I have since re-married and I have a wife in China. Since 2014, I have travelled to China regularly as I class this country as home simply because I feel significantly much safer by the policing and security systems in place. The UK could act immediately to deter individuals carrying weapons.

In China, the system is geared to making criminals and terrorists unwelcome. In the UK, the police only tend to react after an incident (excluding counter-terrorism work) and the justice system fails ordinary people and protects criminals. In China, it is the opposite.

At all transport hubs without exception, they have installed security equipment to check for knives, weapons, bombs – they even screen all bags for the same. This is a massive deterrent.

In China, with such a huge population you would expect long queues and delays. That is not the case. In Shanghai and Beijing, for example, the queues for security are very short and move quickly. The scale of the operation is massive and effective. Criminals don’t stand a chance.

In the UK we need to stop waiting around for a solution and copy the example of China. If it works in a country with such a huge population, it should work easily in the UK. London’s population is a third of the population of a city like Shanghai. Then why can’t we do the same in Britain? If someone states this is an infringement of ‘‘human rights’’, I would counter that the criminals in the UK carrying knives deserve to lose theire ‘‘human rights’’ – we need to act now, not later – the situation is out of control.

Every time I return to the UK I feel unsafe with no security and peace of mind. In China, which is now my adopted home, I feel very safe and secure, totally the opposite to the UK.

It is about time the majority of the public, and especially the young people in Britain, are better protected from the criminals and terrorists that now appear to be taking over our cities and streets.