Why Remainers must accept Brexit on this basis – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Van der Gucht, Cross Hills, Keighley.

This was Boris Johnson signing his Brexit deal with the EU.

JUDGING by the letters (The Yorkshire Post, October 25), the divisions between Leavers and Remainers are still deep, confirming the pollster Sir John Curtice’s recent survey.

But the time has come when even I, as an ardent Remainer, feel we must move on. This is despite the fact that Brexit is far from ‘done’, and we will be living with its consequences for years to come. Partly this is down to the PM’s appalling ‘oven ready deal’. So how is this country going to rebuild and re-energise our economy? Prattling on about ‘levelling up’ just does not cut the mustard.

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When Boris Johnson seized power, he remodelled his party and government as Brexit. We need a consensual strategy. Where are the new ideas, Brexiteers?

This was Boris Johnson signing his Brexit deal with the EU.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

WITH the Budget increase in the minimum wage, is it not now time to stop paying unemployment payments to anyone who is capable of working and has been unemployed for more than three months?

With additional support in training, education and special support where appropriate, we should bring a large number of people back to earning their self respect.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

A GREAT big thank you to The Yorkshire Post for reminding me that John Bercow was still a member of the Labour Party (October 25). I thought Sir Keir Starmer had enough idiots without entertaining more.

From: Sheila Smith, Ennerdale Avenue, Dewsbury.

I WOULD like to endorse the comments made by readers about GPs (The Yorkshire Post, October 26). My GP has been excellent and caring throughout the last two years. The surgery has been accessible by phone, maybe a short wait to get through, but all receptionists are very helpful, polite and kind. I have been contacted for all three jabs – and a flu jab. No complaints at all. Well done Calder View Surgery, in Dewsbury.

From: Bob Swallow, Townhead Avenue, Settle.

EACH evening the BBC and ITV give the number of deaths attributed to Covid. What they rarely divulge is the number of those deaths down to non-vaccination. Surely it would be useful to show this information?

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