Why those hesitant about Covid jabs should look at success of polio vaccinations: Manoj Joshi

Rarely, if ever in anyone’s lifetime an opportunity arises to not only protect one’s own life but the whole community but getting a Covid-19 vaccination is one such opportunity.

Manoj Joshi receiving his first Covid jab in December.

At the very onset of the outbreak when the pandemic was declared throughout the world and everyone was stunned and gripped in sheer fear of this deadly virus, there was a universal plea and cry for help to the much-maligned pharmaceutical industry to find the speediest cure, a vaccine to kill this deadly Covid-19 virus.

I remember very vividly whilst this strenuous, laborious costly effort by pharmaceutical industry and research scientists was taking place, everyone kept asking, ‘How soon will there be a cure in time to prevent millions of deaths?’

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When a safe and effective vaccine was delivered and the first jab given in the UK, everyone’s praises and applause for the stupendous effort and magnificent success was accompanied a mighty sigh of relief looking ahead with optimism for a brighter future ahead.

So today, we in Yorkshire and as a country stand at a crossroads as we focus our efforts on the push against Covid-19, while ensuring that we are ready for the opportunities Covid-19 eradication will bring like going to work, to places of worship, to visit friends and family, to weddings and parties and on holiday.

We know what we are capable of and together we can achieve and are ready to aim higher than ever.

And we know that we need more Covid-19 champions, more willing hands, more caring hearts, and more bright minds in our communities if we want to turn those ambitions into reality.

In Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities, there is a plethora of clear evidence of increased risk and rate of Covid-19 infections in all age groups and even more serious and tragic consequences of deaths reported.

Those who are fortunate to recover from a gruelling hospital stay of several weeks or months take a lot longer to fully recover - if at all.

In addition the stress and trauma suffered by the family of the Covid-19 patient is unbearable.

There is already a worryingly and alarmingly large and growing number of long Covid-19 cases which will have serious consequences for those affected but also their loved ones and community at large in terms of their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. I do not require any more reasons or excuses to not get vaccinated especially due to false, baseless untruths and misinformation and even worse to have the audacity to claim divine immunity from Covid-19 infections.

There is something that is puzzling me and I am at a loss to understand. People eat greasy fried food in recycled spoiled oil, relish mass-produced junk food, eat pesticide-laden vegetables and fruits, drink black and other coloured fizzy liquids, smoke and drink tobacco and consume many other proven unhealthy products like there is no tomorrow, often without thinking twice. Yet when a medical practitioner writes a prescription for Covid-19 vaccine, “They” ask in all seriousness “I hope there is no side effect of this?”

Although Covid-19 vaccination is currently the best available prevention and protection measure it is not a complete answer and a panacea for Covid-19.

All other rules, regulations and guidance provided by the Government as per the advice of scientific and medical experts such as hand washing, sanitising, mask wearing, distancing must be strictly adhered to even if one has been vaccinated.

I have personally been taking vaccinations of various types since birth such as MMR, Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Polio, Typhoid to name a few and I was one of the very first to take both jabs of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines safely without any side or adverse effects.

My wife has also had first Covid-19 jab without any side effects which means that we are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated as we have done it ourselves.

I also know from my vast experience of Rotary’s World Wide EndPolioNow programme of 35 years where over 2.6 billion children have been vaccinated without any harm whatsoever and plenty of other viral outbreaks throughout the world which are treated, controlled and prevented by effective thoroughly tested vaccines.

Vaccinations work - people should have them.

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