York Minster’s glaziers and the craftsmanship that must be preserved – The Yorkshire Post says

THE intricacy of the work being undertaken to protect York Minster’s 600-year-old medieval glass from the elements is, in many respects, just as impressive as the original craftsmanship.

Intricate work is being undertaken to restore the medieval glass at York Minster.

Like so much of the restoration work taking place to preserve Britain’s national heritage, the Houses of Parliament being another example, such work demands painstaking patience and perseverance.

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Yet the Minster, which was packed as Dr John Sentamu, the outgoing Archbishop of York, presided over his final Christmas services before his retirement, is fortunate that it has such a dedicated – and highly skilled – team of glaziers to keep the place of worship in the national spotlight.

Work is going on to protect York Minster's medieval glass.

The challenge is making sure that Britain is doing enough to train the next generation of experts who have the precision needed to undertake such projects in the future – perhaps it can be one of the missions for Dr Sentamu’s successor, Stephen Cottrell.