The Yorkshire Post says: Answers needed too over Brexit deferral plans

IT APPEARS that Labour is willing to support motions next week that could lead to the deferral of Article 50 – and Britain’s departure from the European Union on March 29.

Theresa May was evasive at Prime Minister's Questions over Brexit. Others should not be.

Just because Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s latest exchanges at Prime Minister’s Questions ended, just like Brexit, in deadlock, should not excuse those seeking to defy the EU referendum result from providing some clarity.

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First those who want to put Article 50 on hold. How can they be certain that this delaying tactic will lead to a Brexit deal when more than two and a half years of argument have led to the current impasse?

Now to advocates of a People’s Vote. What safeguards are proposed to ensure the legitimacy of the result and the potential threat to UK cohesion that Mrs May outlined earlier this week?

Finally those who favour a general election need to explain how such a poll would break the impasse when the electorate would be perfectly within its rights, as it did in 2017, to return a hung parliament because neither of the main parties can be sufficiently trusted to sort out the country’s future.

Just because Mrs May and Mr Corbyn don’t like answering direct questions should not preclude others from attempting to do so. It is also what voters expect at this critical juncture in the Brexit process.