The Yorkshire Post says: Civic pride will truly blossom if Jake Berry backs One Yorkshire on St George’s Day

IT IS slightly ironic that Jake Berry is the Government minister who is using St George’s Day to renew his call for the revival of county day celebrations to boost tourism and civic unity across Britain.

Greater devolution could add to the significance of Yorkshire Day celebrations on August 1 each year.

Presumably, because he represents a, dare we say it, Lancashire constituency, he probably does not truly appreciate the pride felt on this side of the Pennines, not just on Yorkshire Day – August 1 – but also on every day of the year.

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Yet, for Mr Berry’s benefit, Yorkshire Day would take 
on even more significance if he actually acceded to calls for full devolution, rather than Whitehall’s half measures, so Yorkshire – the county with the richest identity of all – can start doing more to shape its future destiny rather than being left at the mercy of political whims like this. And then the white rose 
will truly blossom. Over to you, Minister.